1: Simone Biles' Top Travel Spots Discover Simone Biles' favorite travel destinations and get inspired to plan your next adventure.

2: Beach Bliss in Hawaii Simone Biles loves to unwind on the stunning beaches of Hawaii, where she enjoys the crystal-clear waters and tropical scenery.

3: European Escapes From the romantic streets of Paris to the historic charm of Rome, Simone Biles adores exploring Europe's most iconic cities.

4: Caribbean Getaways Simone Biles can't resist the allure of the Caribbean's turquoise waters and vibrant culture, making it a favorite travel destination.

5: Urban Adventures in New York City Simone Biles enjoys the energy and diversity of New York City, where she indulges in world-class dining and Broadway shows.

6: Cultural Immersion in Japan Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and exquisite cuisine of Japan, a destination that holds a special place in Simone Biles' heart.

7: Nature Retreats in Costa Rica Find serenity in Costa Rica's lush rainforests and pristine beaches, just like Simone Biles does when she visits this enchanting destination.

8: African Safaris in Kenya Experience the thrill of a safari adventure in Kenya, where Simone Biles loves encountering majestic wildlife in their natural habitat.

9: South American Splendor in Brazil Discover the vibrant spirit of Brazil through the eyes of Simone Biles, who revels in the country's captivating landscapes and lively culture.