1: Indulge in the perfect holiday treat with Peppermint Bark Cookies. Easy to make and delicious to eat.

2: Start by combining creamy white chocolate with refreshing peppermint flavor for a decadent cookie experience.

3: Mix in crushed candy canes for a delightful crunch in every bite. Perfect for gift-giving or enjoying yourself.

4: Bake until golden and let cool for a sweet and minty holiday treat. Perfect for festive gatherings or cozy nights in.

5: Share the joy of Peppermint Bark Cookies with friends and family this holiday season. Spread cheer with every bite.

6: These cookies make the perfect addition to any dessert spread. Serve with hot cocoa for the ultimate winter treat.

7: Get creative with decorations - drizzle with dark chocolate or add extra crushed candy canes for a personalized touch.

8: Enjoy the classic combination of chocolate and peppermint in each delicious bite. A festive treat for all ages.

9: Savor the taste of the holidays with Peppermint Bark Cookies. Easy to make, impossible to resist. Spread joy this season.