1: Olivia Dunne is inspired by champions like Simone Biles and Nadia Comaneci in gymnastics.

2: Dunne admires their dedication, perseverance, and groundbreaking routines on the mat.

3: These role models have set the bar high for excellence in the sport.

4: Their fearlessness and strength motivate Dunne to push past her limits.

5: By emulating these legends, Olivia aspires to reach new heights in gymnastics.

6: Their trailblazing spirit encourages her to innovate and excel in her routines.

7: Dunne looks up to these icons as she strives for success in the gymnastics world.

8: Their impact on the sport inspires Olivia to train harder and dream bigger.

9: With determination and grit, Olivia Dunne aims to follow in the footsteps of her role models and inspire others in gymnastics.