1: Meet Olivia Dunne Olivia Dunne, a champion gymnast, shares how she mentally prepares for competitions.

2: Visualizing Success Olivia visualizes her routines and envisions herself executing them flawlessly.

3: Positive Affirmations Olivia uses positive affirmations to boost her confidence and stay focused.

4: Breathing Techniques Olivia practices deep breathing exercises to stay calm and centered during competitions.

5: Mental Toughness Olivia's mindset of resilience and determination helps her overcome challenges.

6: Setting Intentions Olivia sets clear intentions for each competition, focusing on her goals and strategies.

7: Self-Talk Olivia's self-talk is empowering and motivational, helping her stay in the zone.

8: Embracing Pressure Olivia thrives under pressure, using it as fuel to perform at her best.

9: Mindset Matters Olivia Dunne's mental preparation and mindset are key to her success in competition.