1: Wake Up Simone Biles starts her day with a nutritious breakfast and a workout to get energized for the day ahead.

2: Gym Training Biles spends hours perfecting her routines at the gym, pushing herself to new heights with each practice session.

3: Mental Preparation Before a competition, Biles focuses on mental exercises and visualization techniques to stay focused and confident.

4: Team Support Biles relies on her coaching staff and teammates for support and encouragement throughout her training and competitions.

5: Physical Therapy To prevent injuries and stay in top form, Biles regularly attends physical therapy sessions to take care of her body.

6: Meal Prep Nutritious meals are key to Biles' performance, so she prioritizes meal prep and healthy eating as part of her daily routine.

7: Media Interviews Biles juggles media interviews and sponsor obligations, showcasing her personality and spreading her positive message.

8: Relaxation Time After a long day of training and meetings, Biles unwinds by spending time with her loved ones and enjoying some downtime.

9: Bedtime Routine A restful night's sleep is crucial for Biles, so she follows a bedtime routine to relax and recharge for the next day's challenges.