Mockingbird Hospitality Piper & Lead Metal Tea Ball on Marbel Background with mug and box behind
Mockingbird Hospitality Piper & Lead Metal Tea Ball on Marbel Background overhead shot with box

Tea Ball

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A classic way to brew your favorite loose leaf teas.

The metal tea ball makes brewing easy and the fine mesh works great to keep the tea leaves inside the ball, instead of in your cup! It's a must have whether you're a new tea lover or a seasoned brewer.


  • Perfect for single cup brewing
  • Clip ensures ball stays closed while steeping
  • Chain and hook allow you to easily lift the tea ball out of your cup
  • Dishwasher Safe

Size & Dimensions

  • Ball is approximately 2" diameter
  • Chain & hook approximately 3.5" long

Why We Love It

  • Clean up is a breeze.
  • Used tea leaves can easily be dumped out, and no crevices to clean out debris from.
  • Using the tea ball allows us to save money by using loose leaf tea, and helps us reduce waste because we don't need individual tea bags/sachets!

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