Price & Kensington Mustard Teapots
Price & Kensington Mustard Teapots

Price & Kensington Mustard Teapots

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A tea lover's must have that is steeped in history.

Designed in Great Britain, Price & Kensington's renowned ceramic tableware dates back over 100 years, and their signature teapot is like a little slice of British history.

These classic teapots are made from quality stoneware that retains heat wonderfully, and the bright color options give you the chance to let your personality shine in your home.

Your pot can be used with or without a Price & Kensington stainless steel filter. Shop for a filter HERE to make brewing simple and easy. One filter can fit any coordinating size teapot!

Be sure to check out the other color options and find your favorite.


  • Wide handle makes gripping and pouring comfortable & easy.
  • Currently available in one size.
  • High gloss glaze makes these pots look stunning.
  • Sizing: 2 cup / 15 fl. oz.
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Why we love them

  • The variety of color options means we have the perfect pot for any occasion!
  • These work wonderfully with the coordinating filters.
  • These tea pots make our busy mornings feel a little more refined.

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