Classic Rolling Pin
Classic Rolling Pin

Classic Rolling Pin

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Baking is an art, and your tools should be no different.

You'll be rolling out your next dough recipe with ease and joy after adding one of these classic beauties to your tool set.

These traditional rolling pins are sleek and silky, giving you a smooth dough every time. The handled ends make it extra easy to maneuver the pin in your hands and roll or lift to transfer dough sheets.

Use it all your life, and then pass it on to the next baker in your family. It's a true heirloom piece!


  • Handmade in Tennessee by The Riley Land Collection.
  • Smooth construction with handled ends.
  • They are solid pieces of wood made from Ambrosia Maple. There is no rod running through the middle from handle to handle.
  • Dimensions: 18"L X 2.5" Diameter
  • These rolling pins are handmade, which results in each one being truly unique with natural imperfections. The dimensions of the pin mentioned can vary slightly in length or width, and the coloring of the wood varies for each piece. Some will have darker tones, while others are lighter in color. The rolling pin you receive will not be identical to those pictured here.

Why we love them:

  • The handles feel secure in our hands, and the silky surface makes rolling easy.
  • These rolling pins are just as beautiful as they are useful!
  • We love working with handmade goods in the kitchen!

Care Instructions:

  • Your rolling pin should never be washed in the dishwasher. However, cleaning is super simple. Simply wash after use with warm water and soap (do not soak), then rinse and dry thoroughly. That’s it! We suggest oiling the pin at least once a year to keep it looking great and ensure it lasts a lifetime (or two)! Your pin will become a special heirloom piece when properly cared for.

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