Sweet Potato Curry Soup - Instant Pot Favorite

Sweet Potato Curry Soup - Instant Pot Favorite

When I imagine chilly nights, this is the soup that instantly comes to mind.

Full of warm spices, root vegetables and a creamy touch of coconut milk, this recipe gives a tiny taste of the exotic without being complicated or fussy.

If you've never cooked with curry or coconut milk, don't let the thought of 'exotic' ingredients scare you off! This is the perfect recipe to give yourself a chance to try something new. Plus, it's super versatile. Be sure to check out the notes section at the bottom for tips on adding protein and what to serve it with.

It's perfect for weekday nights or a dinner party, and pleases even the pickiest palates! There is good reason my daughter and myself name this as our favorite wintertime soup.

So without further ado, here is our recipe for Sweet Potato Curry Soup! We hope your family loves it as much as ours does.

And don't forget to read the notes section following the recipe instructions for tips and meal ideas.



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